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3 Ways That Pressure Washing Can Save You Money

3 ways that pressure washing can save you money

Rogers professionals will tell you that professional pressure washing can increase your curb appeal and raise your property values, but did you also know that pressure washing can save you money? Regular pressure washing can extend the life of your surfaces and protect your biggest investment. Here are a few ways that you can save money by hiring a professional pressure washing contractor.

No Need For That Home Renovation Project

Perhaps you're looking at your home's exterior and considering repainting or resurfacing. Those types of renovation projects can certainly add value to your property, but they can also be quite costly. Repainting your home's exterior can cost you thousands of dollars, and resurfacing siding or stucco can run into the tens of thousands. Not to mention the time and aggravation that is involved.

Pressure washing can remove the buildup of dirt, grime, stains, and environmental pollutants and revive the look of your home's exterior for a fraction of the cost of expensive renovations. By eliminating mold, mildew, algae, and other intrusive organisms that can invade and damage paint surfaces, siding, and substructures, exterior pressure washing can extend the lifespan of your paint job or siding installation.

Save Your Roof From Collapse

Mold, mildew, and algae, oh my! These three organisms can wreak havoc on your roof, causing discoloration, rot, and even health issues for your family. The average lifespan of most roofs is 10-20 years, but invasive organisms like bacteria can cause that lifespan to decrease, leaving you to foot the bill for an expensive re-roof project.

The good news is that a regular roof cleaning not only removes these harmful intruders, but it extends the life of your roof's surface and substructure by deterring their reappearance. Regular roof cleaning can also make your asphalt or architectural shingles, metal, or tile roof look brand new.

Prevent Your Gutters From Failing

Another way to protect your roof is by installing a professional gutter system. Your gutters can divert the path of rain and prevent moisture from pooling on your roof's surface. Gutters can be expensive, but if they're not working properly, the money that you spent on them is, well, going right down the gutter.

Professional pressure washing can remove leaves, twigs, and other debris from your gutter systems, allowing them to flow freely. Clean gutters permit water to properly flow from your rooftop and away from your landscaped beds and home's foundation. You installed your gutters to protect your investment; be sure to protect them too, with a regular gutter cleaning.

Hiring professional pressure washing specialists to clean your Rogers home's exterior is a great way to enhance your curb appeal and save money versus costly repairs and replacements.

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